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Theory and Computation
Computational Plasma Physics: Laura is currently researching a heating mechanism for electrons in a wavelength-scale plasma. She is taking a computatational approach with both a toy model and a PIC code. More details can be found on the plasmas research page.
Computational Trapping: Casey is currently researching how to trap different types of wavelength-scale particles in lasers using various beam modes. More details can be found on the trapping research page.
Images: Calvin's current research is in making precise single-shot measurements of the modulation transfer function of cameras using digital rather than analog targets. More details can be found on the applied optics research page.
Chitosan Nanoparticles: Sophie and Sakshi are working in conjunction with Faith and Professor Elizabeth Orwin's lab group to develop a production method for reliably producing chitosan nanoparticles with a specific size. More details can be found on the chitosan research page.
Laser Ablation: Amber, Caleb, Marc and Hao are working on the laser ablation project, which is the experimental side of Laura's plasma theoretical research. They attempt to ascertain a well-characterized method of delivering wavelength-scale plasma targets to the focus of a high-intensity laser in order to experimentally investigate the stochastic heating process. More details can be found on the ablation research page.
Depositions: Amber, Caleb, Marc and Hao work on this companion project to the laser ablation project to provide samples for ablation. These samples are silicon wafers coated with polystyrene nanospheres, which are the wavelength scale targets for the high-intensity laser. They are attempting to optimize the samples for better results in the ablation experiments. More details can be found on the depositions research page.