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Professor Thomas D. Donnelly
Donnelly Mug Prof. Donnelly is the Principle Investigator for this lab group. Though for all of us, he has served as much more: as a mentor and a friend. He has earned many affectionate nicknames, including "D-Train" and "The Don", the latter of which inspired the name of this group webpage. To be brief, we direct you to his faculty page at HMC to get a bit more information on his contact information and his teaching schedule.
Current Seniors
Sophie Blee-Goldman Mug
Anna Sophie Blee-Goldman '16
Sophie has done previous research with the computer science department at HMC before she decided to become a physics major.
Her current research is in the chitosan project, which makes her our resident engineer through her connections.
Laura has dabbled in just about every department at HMC, including biology, computer science and physics. She eventually settled on theoretical physics and is our lab tech support.
Her current research is in computational plasma physics.
Laura Zhang Mug
"Laura" Xin Zhang '16
Amber Cai Mug
"Amber" Xinyue Cai '16
Amber (Xinyue) is a senior physics major. In our group, she's an experimentalist working on polystyrene & silica spheres deposition, plasma etching and particle collection. Amber joined the group in 2013 and have worked in every experimental project of the research. Her current focus is in plasma etching of polystyrene spheres and deposition of silica spheres.
Her current research is in polystyrene depositions and the laser ablation project.
Caleb used to be a physics and mathematics double major until he fully transferred to the light side of laser physics. He enjoys hiking, soccer and pretty much anything outdoorsy or athletic in his spare time.
His current research is in the laser ablation project.
Caleb Eades Mug
Kevin Caleb Eades '16
Casey Cannon Mug
Casey Cannon '16
Besides singing, Casey's hobbies include playing Super Smash Bros. Melee, watching sitcoms, and reading. His favorite animals are turtles. Fun fact: his family has a 6 acre avocado orchard on their property.
His current research is in particle trapping, where he is taking a computational approach.
Current Juniors
Sakshi Shah Mug
Sakshi Shah '17
Among other things, Sakshi is an active member of the Women in Physics group at HMC. Unlike most of us, she is artistically inclined AND talented. Crazy, right?
Her current research is in the chitosan project.
Hao is our resident machine shop technician who magically makes parts for us. He is a basketball enthusiast and is building a 3D-printer in his spare time.
His current research is in the laser ablation project.
Hao Cao Mug
Hao Cao '17
Marc Finzi Mug
Marc Anton Finzi '17
Marc is yet another physics major in the group that is very interested in engineering and applications of physics. He is our resident LabView expert.
His current research is in the laser ablation project.
Calvin can usually be found having deep discussions with fellow Mudders on physics. He is also an Honor Board Chair.
His current research is in applied optics for a camera lab at HMC.
Calvin Leung Mug
Calvin Leung '17
Faith Lemire-Baeten Mug
Faith Lemire-Baeten '17
Faith is an actual engineer working in conjuction with our group. Her hair is always very colorful.
Her current research is in the chitosan project.