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Applied Optics - Calvin Leung
Diffraction Grid
Figure 1: An example of a test target used to characterize the response of an imaging system at a particular frequency, in this case, at 200 lines per picture width.
Electric Field
Figure 2: The modulation transfer function of an ideal camera (blue) compared to a Canon 40D (red).
My current research is in making precise single-shot measurements of the modulation transfer function of cameras using digital rather than analog targets.
Current Progress
Cameras can be quantitatively characterized by their modulation transfer function, which roughly describes the level of detail a camera can capture. Over the years, countless methods have been developed to measure the modulation transfer function of a variety of optical systems, where an intricate image pattern is generated and passed through an optical system by taking a picture. My research answers the important question of whether we can generate these delicate patterns using a simple LCD monitor. The eventual goal would be to implement this method in sophomore core lab (Science of Photography) as a way to introduce students to fundamental concepts in signal processing and optics/imaging.