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HMC Seismology - Edwards Geophysics Laboratory

The Edwards Geophysics Laboratory, located in Parsons 155, has been in operation since the construction of the Libra complex on the HMC campus during the 1970's. Professors Alfred Focke and A. E. Stoddard founded the Seismology Lab during this period, and advised a large number of student research projects using the instruments.

The instrumentation in the Seismo Lab formerly consisted of three orthogonally oriented Benioff short period (~1 Hz) seismographs and three long-period (< .05 Hz) instruments; two mercury capacitance tiltmeters (horizontal components), and a LaCoste-Romberg geodetic gravimeter (vertical). The location of the laboratory is Lat.: 34.1066 N, Long.: 242.2877 E, Height: 365 m.

In the summer of 2006, a new broadband seismometer was installed replacing the old short period and long period instruments. The system is currently in a shakedown period during which the performance of the new seismometer is being evaluated. Eventually we expect to provide interactive online access to the data through this web page. For the time being however, the plots presented below provide a 24-hour synopsis of the latest recorded data, and are refreshed hourly (refresh your web browser to see updates).

A principal purpose of this Seismo Lab Web Page is to provide community access to data from and information about the Edwards Lab. As new capabilities are developed through student and faculty work, the information available through this page will evolve. Enjoy this work, and check back later for new developments!

Below are the HMC Seismo Lab broadband 24-hour drum plots:

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