This event is included just for fun, because it is one of the smallest earthquakes we have recorded at the lab. It would have gone completely unrecognized, had it not occurred so close by. The epicenter appears to be about 2 km NE of the campus, although this may be a bit uncertain. From the P-S time it appears to have a depth greater than its horizontal distance (a few km), so for all intents and purposes we can say it happened right under the campus. At magnitude M=1.6 it was so small that nobody apparently noticed it. Using conventional earthquake scaling, the fault area that ruptured in this tiny earthquake was probably smaller than a football field!

General Information

Region :
Claremont, just NE of campus
Date : 9/13/96
Time (gmt) : 09:54:14
Magnitude : ML 1.6
Latitude : 34.119
Longitude : -117.699
Depth (km) 5?

3-axis raw seismogram recorded at HMC

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