Welcome to our research group! We study the amazingly diverse physics of electrons in solid materials using hands-on experiments in the BrezLab at Harvey Mudd.

All matter is made of atoms, and the types and arrangements of those atoms (as an ordered crystal or an amorphous glass) can allow those electrons to flow as an electrical current, interact with one another as in a magnet, or even condense into a charged superfluid at low temperatures. We study 2D materials, phase-change materials, magnetic materials, and we are interested in modeling their fundamental properties and envisioning next-generation electronic materials and devices.



Nicholas P. Breznay (’02)
Assistant Professor
Department of Physics
Harvey Mudd College

Current Research Students

  • Svetlana Altshuler (HMC ’24)
  • Matthew Chalk (HMC ’24)
  • Emma Lickey (HMC ’23)
  • Catherine Phillips (HMC ’23)
  • Natalia Hernandez (HMC ’23)

Former Research Students

  • Inci Anali (HMC ’23)
  • Nathan Luis (HMC ’23)
  • Kaveh Pezeshki (HMC ’22) – Thesis
  • Rebecca Chan (HMC ’22) – Thesis
  • Anna Soper (HMC ’22)
  • Kewei Zhou (HMC ’21) – Thesis
  • Miguel Velez (HMC ’21)
  • Martin Gonzalez (HMC ’21)
  • Emma Cuddy (HMC ’21)
  • Christian Garcia (HMC ’21)
  • Akshay Trikha (HMC ’21)
  • Isaac Zinda (HMC ’20)
  • Colin Adams (HMC ’19) – Thesis
  • Adam Shaw (HMC ’18)


  • Prof. Matthias Wuttig (RWTH Aachen University)
  • Prof. Alex Frano (UC San Diego)
  • Prof. Claudia Ojeda-Aristizabal (Cal State Long Beach)


Our lab is in the basement of the Jacobs building at Harvey Mudd. We have a number of tools:

  • Optical Microscopes (Stereo, Compound)
  • 2D Materials synthesis station
  • Electrical test station (Lock-in amplifiers, multimeters, oscilloscopes, current and voltage sources)
  • Low-temperature apparatus (LHe cryostat, high-T Peltier vacuum stage)
  • Scanning probes (Bruker Dektak stylus profilometer)

Get in touch with Prof. B for a tour!

Research Projects

Models for disordered transport

Quantum confined electrons in 2D materials

SnSb2Te4 and other Phase-Change Materials



Nature News & Views – N.P. Breznay, “A strange metal emerges from a failed superconductor” Nature 601 198-199 (2022).

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