Gerbode Lab

soft matter physics at harvey mudd college


The following papers are written by Prof Gerbode and her lab students. Please click on the links to read more about our research! The undergraduate authors are underlined.

  1. C. E. Cash, J. Wang, M. M. Martirossyan, B. K. Ludlow, A. E. Baptista, N. M. Brown, E. J. Weissler, J. Abacousnac, and S. J. Gerbode, “Local melting attracts grain boundaries in colloidal polycrystals” PRL 120, 018002 (2018).
  2. J. R. Savage, S. Frieder, R. Ganapathy, S. J. Gerbode, A. Heuer, I. Cohen, “Entropy driven crystal formation on highly strained substrates” PNAS 110, 9301 (2013). pdf
  3. J. L. Silverberg, R. N. Noar, M. Packer, M. Harrison, I. Cohen, C. Henley, S. J. Gerbode, “3D imaging and mechanical modeling of helical buckling in Medicago truncatula plant roots” PNAS 109, 16794 (2012).  pdf
  4.  S. J. Gerbode, J. R. Puzey, A. G. McCormick, L. Mahadevan “How the cucumber tendril coils and overwinds” Science 337, 1087 (2012).  pdf
  5. J. R. Puzey, S. J. Gerbode, S. A. Hodges , L. Mahadevan and E. M. Kramer, “Evolution of spur length diversity in Aquilegia petals is achieved solely through cell shape anisotropy” Proc. R. Soc. B 279, 1640 (2012). (highlighted in several news articles)  pdf
  6. S. J. Gerbode, D. Ong, C. Liddell, and I. Cohen, “Dislocations and vacancies in 2D mixed crystals of spheres and dimers” Phys. Rev. E 82, 041404 (2010).  pdf
  7. S. J. Gerbode, U. Agarwal, D. Ong, C. Liddell, F. Escobedo and I. Cohen, “Glassy dislocation dynamics in 2D colloidal dimer crystals” Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 078301 (2010).  pdf
  8. R. Ganapathy, M. Buckley, S. J. Gerbode, and I. Cohen, “Direct measurements of island growth and step-edge barriers in colloidal epitaxy” Science  22, 445-448 (2010). (highlighted in several news articles)  pdf
  9. L. Corte, S. J. Gerbode, W. Man, and D. J. Pine, “Self-organized criticality in sheared suspensions” Phys. Rev. Lett. 103, 248301 (2009). (highlighted as a synopsis in Physics)  pdf
  10. S. J. Gerbode, S. Lee, C. Liddell, and I. Cohen, “Restricted dislocation motion in crystals of colloidal dimer particles” Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 058302 (2008).  pdf
  11. S. Lee, S. J. Gerbode, B. John,  A. Wolfgang, I. Cohen, F. Escobedo, and C. Liddell, “Synthesis and assembly of nonspherical hollow silica colloids under confinement”  J. Mat. Chem.18(41), 4912– 4916 (2008). (Cover Art)   pdf