WAC Corporal (97% scale) Round 5
Level 3 Certification Project
Greg Lyzenga - NAR 13295: Links

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Propulsion System
Recovery System
NAR L3 Documentation
Project Resources
Defy GravityManufacturer of Tether pyro release
Giant Leap RocketryRaw materials for fins and structure
Missileworks Manufacturer of Co-Pilot Altimeter and PET timer
Now Hybrids Distributor of Hypertek and other hybrid rocket motors
Performance Rocketry Manufacturer of fiberglass nose cone
Public Missiles Airframe tubing and structural parts
Rocket RageSupplier of the Quantum parachute and recovery harnesses
Saturn PressPublisher of Peter Alway's scale rocketry reference books
Shadow CompositesSupplier of composite construction supplies and instructional videos
McMaster-CarrSupplier of all kinds of hardware and fasteners
Mr. FiberglassSupplier of fiberglass, Kevlar and carbon construction fabrics
Aircraft SpruceSupplier of epoxies and foam materials for construction
West SystemMaker of high quality epoxy used for composite layups
PerfectfliteManufacturer of minAlt/WD recording altimeter
RocketmanMaker of high performance drogue parachutes
( Cesaroni Technology Incorporated)
Manufacturer of hybrid rocket motors
Around The World Wide Web
Rocketry Organization of CaliforniaThe greatest rocket club on earth
Fly Rockets!An introduction to hobby and sport rocketry
NARNational Association of Rocketry
TRATripoli Rocketry Association
Rocketry OnlineNews and information on rocketry
Model Rocketry Flight and ResourcesModel Rocketry Resources