DateTopicAssignment (Due on the day listed)
Weds., 1/20Overview, brainstorming topics, orders of magnitudeSend me further thoughts on topics and interests; Pick up a copy of Muller's book at Huntley Bookstore Attach:BookImage.jpg Δ
Mon., 1/25Historical energy use(1) Watch Nate Lewis's JPL von Karman Lecture, February 2008; (2) Read Section II on Energy in Muller, Physics for Future Presidents, pp. 65--91
Weds., 1/27Physics of thermal conversion of energy into workRead ThermalConversion and HowToThinkAboutEfficiency
Fri., 1/29LunchLunch with Jeffrey Byron, California Energy Commissioner (place TBA); 7 pm: Panel discussion for the Mathematics of Sustainability conference, Galileo auditorium
Sat., 1/30ConferenceRegistration at 8:45; Conference runs 9:00 am--4:00 pm in Galileo
Mon., 2/1Conference compte rendu, Basics of climate changeRead Chapters 19--25 in Muller, pp. 251--346
Weds., 2/3Climate change?Edit your page on the Topics tab, posting a preliminary listing of the questions you plan to address
Mon., 2/8Population?Read Garrett Hardin, Tragedy of the Commons, Science 162 (1968) 1242--1247 and Hardin's follow-up letter from thirty years later. Both are available at Site.PapersAccessibleToStudents?
Weds., 2/10Population?Read “Is Limiting Population Growth a Key Factor in Protecting the Global Environment?” --- available at Site.PapersAccessibleToStudents?
Mon., 2/15EconomicsThe economics of sustainable development --- I will summarize Herman E. Daly's Beyond Growth
Weds., 2/17Carbon MarketsMarc Stuart, Co-Founder of EcoSecurities will speak about Copenhagen and carbon offsets; Population? essay due at 5 pm tomorrow (2/18)
Mon., 2/22Updates10-minute presentations by Brianna Blanchard, Moira Tagle, Max Willis, Gwen Groover, Jenna Ryon, and Chris Strieter
Weds., 2/24Updates10-minute presentations by Sam Keene, Stephen Lowery, Jennifer Osgood, Oliver Hoidn, Doo Chung, and Daniel O'Neil
Mon., 3/1Updates10-minute presentations by Wylie Rosenthal, Shaun Pacheco, Rob Warren, Blake Shaw, and Arthur Vasek