Video Projects

The purpose of the video project is to introduce your final presentation and entice an educated web surfer to flip through your presentation and read your term paper.

Instructions for using the Kodak Zx1 video recorders

Transferring the videos to a Macintosh

To use iMovie, you need to use a local account. Therefore, you must log in as hmcguest (no password).

  1. The bag from CIS has a USB cable that plugs into the side of the camera after you fumble around for awhile to remove the rubber protecting cap. Plug that into the computer.
  2. Don't import into iPhoto; quit iPhoto instead.
  3. Two volumes from the camera will be mounted, but one just has some Windows software on it. Pick the other one and open folders to find the movie files (extension .mov). Copy the movies to the Desktop. Then unmount the camera.
  4. Launch iMovie.
  5. From the file menu, choose Import movie.... Select your movie file(s) from the Desktop.