Term Paper Guidelines 2010

The final draft of your term paper of 12--20 pages is due by 5 pm on Monday, April 25 on the subject you have researched all term. The paper will be judged on:

  • the careful, fair, and honest treatment of the various sides of the issue;
  • the quality of the sources on which it draws, as well as their critical evaluation within the paper;
  • the depth and balance of the treatment of both technical and social issues;
  • and the quality of the written expression (I really care about this, folks!).


  • Please use a serif font in either 11 or 12 point type, text area 5 or 5.5 x 8 inches, single-spaced as in these examples:
  • Acceptable document formats: LaTeX, Word-readable, Open-Office-readable. If using LaTeX, please submit both the source and the rendered document in PDF format.
  • Cite references in the text in a simple (Author, Year, Page) format; list all references in full in the References section at the end of the paper.
  • Figures should be numbered and have captions. They should not be dropped in-line in the text, but rather referred to by their number. Figure you have lovingly stolen from someone else should provide appropriate credit in the caption.
  • Please name your electronic document following these examples:
    • Smith_Water_v1.tex
    • Jones, Filbert energy efficiency v2.doc, etc.


  • Monday, 4/5 --- your web page has been updated with at least a partial list of references, including at least three sources published in peer-reviewed journals or published books by recognized experts
  • Thursday, 4/15 --- first draft your term paper is due by 5 pm. Submit a copy to the Sakai drop box and email one to your peer reviewer. See below for file name convention and peer review instructions.
  • Saturday, 4/17 --- complete peer review, preferably electronically, and return to author. If done electronically, drop a copy in the Sakai drop box and email back to author. If done on paper, return to the author, who will include the review with the final submission.
  • Monday, 4/26 at 11 pm --- post your paper in electronic form to the Sakai drop box. Acceptable formats: LaTeX, Word-readable, PDF. Email a copy to your second peer reviewer, assigned in the table below.
  • Friday, 4/30 --- Peer reviews by graduating seniors are due to me or my office by 4 pm
  • Thursday, 5/6 --- Peer reviews by all others are due to me or my office by 4 pm

Peer edits/reviews

Peer editing and reviewing will be done in two rounds, one before submission of the final draft, and one after. The purpose of the first is to provide helpful feedback to the author to inform revision. The purpose of the second is to help evaluate the work. You will be assigned different papers to review in the two rounds. I will post guidelines for the reviews and template documents.

Second round peer review assignment