Schedule 2010

DateTopicAssignment (to be done by class time)
Tue 1/18Overview, topics, orders of magnitude, generating questions 
Thu 1/20Historical energy use(1) Watch Nate Lewis's JPL von Karman Lecture, February 2008 or Nate's Nelson Series lecture ; (2) Read Section II on Energy in Muller, Physics for Future Presidents, pp. 65--91
Tue 1/25Physics of thermal conversion of energy into work(1) Read ThermalConversion and HowToThinkAboutEfficiency; (2) Read Muller, pp. 251--346
Thu 1/27Problems on thermal conversion 
Tue 2/1Climate change(1) Watch Dan Nocera's lecture in the fall's Nelson series; (2) read information on your wiki page; see Topics
Thu 2/3PopulationRead Garrett Hardin, Tragedy of the Commons, Science 162 (1968) 1242--1247, Hardin's follow-up letter from thirty years later, and “Is Limiting Population Growth a Key Factor in Protecting the Global Environment?”. All are available at Main.PapersAccessibleToStudents
Tue 2/8Estimating your carbon footprintIn class we will explore a case study on installing solar panels, using the following documents. No need to look ahead of class, unless you want to! Case study: installing a solar PV system and Case study data
Thu 2/10The economics of sustainability; Herman E. Daly's Beyond GrowthSlides of the economics discussion Don't forget, The population short essay is due by 5 pm tomorrow (Friday)
Tue 2/15Updates10-minute presentations on your research topics: background and the questions you intend to pursue
Thu 2/17UpdatesAustin, Cassie, Guillermo, Marco
Tue 2/22Cap and Trade or Carbon Tax?Read through this discussion of the relative merits and prepare to debate. Bulletin roundtable. Teams: pro-tax: Cassie, Marco, Austin, Jacob. pro-Cap-and-Trade: Laura, Guillermo, Ryan.
Thu 2/24TransportationEveryone should read Automotive Efficiency (1994) and The MPG Illusion (2008), posted on the Papers Accessible to Students page in the Transportation section near the bottom; then read one other among Transportation's Perennial Problems (1997), The Past and Future of Global Mobility (1997), and The Dirty Secret of Plug-in Hybrids (2010) [all of which are posted in the same place]
Tue 3/1WaterPapers Accessible to Students Please read the chapter on water in the State of the World 2008 report, in the Water section
Thu 3/3Soft Paths and ConservationPapers Accessible to Students Read the 1976 paper by Amory B. Lovins on Soft Energy Paths in the Conservation section
Tue 3/8Wind Power 
Thu 3/10Gates visitWe will not be holding class
Tue 3/15Spring break 
Thu 3/17Spring break 
Tue 3/2220-minute presentationsRyan,Cassie
Thu 3/2420-minute presentationsMarco, Laura
Tue 3/2920-minute presentationsGuillermo, Peter
Thu 3/31Tour of Kravis CenterMeet on the east side of the CMC Kravis Center at 13:15 for our tour. Short paper on Owens due Friday, 4/1, at 17:00 in Sakai drop box. See Papers.
Tue 4/5cancelled 
Thu 4/7Austin and JacobYour page should show at least a partial list of references, including at least three sources published in peer-reviewed journals or published books by recognized experts;
Tue 4/12Nuclear powerListen/watch the debate:
Thu 4/14 First draft of your term paper is due by 5 pm. Submit a copy to the Sakai drop box and email one to your first peer reviewer (see Term Paper Guidelines for the table of reviewers.
Tue 4/19 Consultations on papers
Thu 4/21 Consultations on papers
Mon 4/25 Final papers due at 23:00 in your Sakai drop box. Acceptable formats: LaTeX, Word-readable, PDF, Pages. Email a copy to your second peer reviewer (see Term Paper Guidelines for the table of reviewers.
Tue 4/26PolicyRead A Graph is Worth a Thousand Gigawatt-Hours
Thu 4/28last class meeting 
Fri 4/29 Peer reviews by graduating seniors are due to me or my office by 17:00.
Weds 5/4 Peer reviews by juniors and sophomores are due to me or my office by 17:00.