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  1. How Seawater Can Power the World
  2. Tom Friedman 110320
  3. APS Conference on the Physics of Sustainable Energy
  4. --- Cats kill (way) more birds than wind farms do.
  6. Black carbon 2011 Feb 21
  7. Is a revival in the US nuclear industry underway? 2011 Feb 16


  1. US Business Emissions are growing, not slowing --- ClimateBizz, 2010 April 23
  2. Obama to propose opening large areas to drilling --- NY Times, 2010 March 31
  3. The Wrong Kind of Green --- Johann Hari indicts America’s leading environmental organizations, who he says have grown addicted to corporate contributions and now advocate policies that would bring environmental disaster, yet financial benefit to themselves.
  4. Bernie Sanders introduces the 10 Million Solar Roofs and 10 Million Gallons of Solar Water Heating Act of 2010
  5. 2010 Mar 18 Scientists say SNP's plans for cabon capture 'not feasible'
  6. US DOE 2010 Mar 09 DOE Press Release --- US DOE announces up to 154 M$ for NRG Energy’s carbon capture project in Texas
  7. NYT 2010 Mar 08 Iran100308 Iran's uranium enrichment program
  8. Environment News Service, 2010 March 2 California Limits SF6, World’s Most Potent Greenhouse Gas full text
  9. Laser Focus World 2010 1 MW Solar PV Plant --- Concentrix Solar, which makes concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) systems, has signed a contract with Chevron Technology Ventures to install a 1 MW CPV power plant at a Chevron Mining facility in Questa, NM.
  10. NYT 2010 Feb 25 GM will close Hummer
  11. SciAm 2010 Feb 19 Are New Types of Nuclear Reactors Needed?
  12. NYT 2010 Jan 31 China Leading Global Race to Make Clean Energy
  13. SciAm 2010 Jan 29 Is Water Vapor in the Stratosphere Slowing Global Warming?
  14. SciAm 2010 Jan 28 Climategate
  15. NYT 2010 Jan 24 Why Is a Utility Paying Customers?
  16. New Yorker article by Evan Osnos, Green Giant; Beijing's crash program for clean energy