Kwee-Yan Teh

Climate Change Models, Policy Tools, and the Role of Bioenergy Resources

Questions generated by Dr. Teh's talk

  1. You showed that about 3/4 of MIT graduate students "screwed up the Earth." We can modify college structure to address this. How do we inform the public about confusing correlation and causation, etc.?
  2. Is it more reasonable to reduce CO2 emissions or to increase carbon reductions (removal?)?
  3. What methods are there for effective reduction of CO2 emissions?
  4. On one hand, he shows the cautionary tale of the temporal plot of temperature and CO2, warning that we should guard against concluding that CO2 caused the warming, since the temperature rises precede the rises in CO2. On the other hand, he speaks about stabilizing the atmospheric concentration of CO2 at particular values. Why?