Jacob Scott

Nuclear Fusion

  • See the information that Sam Keene and Blake Shaw gathered last year
  • Read Sam's and Blake's term papers
  • Be thinking about whether you'd like to focus on inertial confinement fusion or magnetic confinement fusion

Original questions/topics

  1. nuclear, including fusion
  2. Which alternative energy sources make sense for which applications?
  3. What limits solar cell production?

Presentation 1

Presentation 1

Follow-up questions

  1. Do hohlraums solve the problem of plasma instabilities in inertial confinement fusion experiments?
  2. Are you planning to concentrate on inertial confinement fusion or magnetic confinement fusion?
  3. How are fusion researchers proposing to supply the tritium necessary for significant energy production from fusion?
  4. In an inertial confinement scheme for a working power plant, how does one protect the optics from the fusion byproducts? How does one harness the released energy?

Presentation 2 (Magnetically confined fusion)

Presentation 2


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