Guillermo Martinez Garcia

Ocean Power or Solar Thermal

  • See the information that Chris Strieter gathered last year on solar thermal
  • Read Chris's term paper
  • Nobody worked on either ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) or harnessing wave or tidal energy last year, but those are very viable topics to look into.

Original questions/topics

  1. What are the most viable replacements for coal and oil?
  2. Ocean power

Questions from the first presentation

  1. What is the cost of power from the Annapolis Royal Generating Station, in Nova Scotia? What is the current state of the Fundy tidal energy project?
  2. What is the state of wave power development in Scotland? Is it still early in the research and development phase, or are there operational installations generating significant power?
  3. How variable is wave power at sites most favorable for its deployment?
  4. If OTEC needs to be located in the tropical ocean, which populations could potentially benefit from its development and deployment?
  5. What are the primary technical obstacles that OTEC faces?
  6. How much power could be generated by a tidal plant beneath the Golden Gate Bridge?
  7. Where are favorable sites for wave power? tidal power?

Second Presentation