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Some follow-up questions

  1. David Rutledge at Caltech ( has looked into Hubbert's Peak, coal, and other questions of resource depletion. What are his main points?
  2. How much radioactivity is released to the atmosphere from burning coal? How much mercury? What are the health implications
  3. Did the cap-and-trade approach to reduce sulfur emissions lead to more mercury emissions?
  4. Carbon capture and sequestration is a fledgling technology. What are credible estimates of the additional cost of coal power if the cost of CCS at the level of 90% or better were mandated? What fraction of U.S. coal plants are located where underground storage of CO2 is feasible?
  6. The first U.S. CCS project is operating in West Virginia. Is it effective, or is it a publicity stunt?
  7. West Virginia has been a hotbed for mountaintop removal, and the concomitant damage to the environment. Is this technique being used much elsewhere in the United States? How is western coal mined?
  8. How thick does a coal seam have to be in order to be considered a viable resource?
  9. Washing and burning coal yields a waste stream that includes many hazardous substances. How are these handled? Are their environmental justice issues surrounding the disposal of these wastes? Do companies that produce power from coal bear the true cost of handling these wastes?

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