Allie Auld

Questions generated by Dr. Auld’s presentation

  1. Is it possible to increase the efficiency of the transmission of electricity?
  2. What makes long-distance DC electricity possible and desirable now?
  3. What are the byproducts from using biogas? What kinds of waste can be used in populated areas?
  4. Is CCHP fully developed? If so, how widespread is it deployed?
  5. What is done with the CO2 produced from reformed natural gas?
  6. The maximum efficiency cited for combined heat and power generation was 80%. Is there any possible way to push that, perhaps beyond 100%? After all, heat pumps can transfer more energy from the cold space to the hot space than they require as mechanical inputs.
  7. Probably not appropriate here, but how do transformers work?
  8. You discussed lots of material. Do you have a "favorite" potential technology for "solving" the energy problem?
  9. How exactly does absorption chilling work? [I'll field that one, Allie!]
  10. What exactly does central steam mean?
  11. Where can we get renewable hydrogen?
  12. How much natural gas is released to handle pressure surges?
  13. Are there companies today that buy power from residential photovoltaics?
  14. What handles the n -- 1 problem in the distributed system?
  15. How well can we distribute thermal energy?
  16. Why are rights of way so difficult to get? How can government help make the process easier?
  17. What methods are there to funnel waste heat to end consumers? What efficiency do they have?
  18. Are planners designing communities that have shared electric and heat generation?
  19. Are transmission systems built to handle less than the maximum power that can be generated with existing stations?
  20. Who owns and is in charge of the energy produced by the central power plants?
  21. In the example problem, what impact would a reduction of 6.2 MJ have overall? Is it worthwhile or unaffordable?
  22. What are molten carbonate fuel cells?
  23. What do microturbines use as fuel?
  24. What is the efficiency of pumped hydro?
  25. What are current transmission lines made of? Does burying them help the efficiency?
  26. What does AC have a longer range than DC?
  27. We already have coal-fired power plants in the middle of nowhere. Why can't the utility companies build lines from the solar plants?
  28. If fuel cells are so efficient, why are we not seeing widespread use?