Pandora and the Jaguar

Kat assembles a 405 nm laser and control electronics, Pandora, that will sit on a rover and produce Laser Induced Fluorescence Emission (L.I.F.E.) spectra of mineral and organic materials.
The complete assembly of the robotic instrument, Pandora.
Kat, Alberto, and Dr. Storrie-Lombardi perform tests for the Jaguar-Pandora rover in the hallways of HMC.
Bottom left: The Jaguar Lite robot explores a lava tube in the Mojave Desert as Pandora scans the walls searching for organics and microbial life. Top left: An RGB reflectance and a LIFE (laser-induced fluorescence emission) image of a target in the Pisgah Crater lava tube after a 405 nm excitation from 1 meter away. Top right: LIFE spectra produced by Pandora. Bottom right: An image of the 2D mapping of the caves as shown on the laptop controlling the rover.